Experiments with surplus parts...

Sometimes I can't resist and get some surplus parts from ham events. Here are some of them which might be interesting:

Please use this information at your own risk and with caution, I am not responsible for any damage you cause with your actions. TNX!

Frequency doublers from 12GHz to 24GHz with (at least) 10mW or 100mW output power:

I noticed this parts at the Hamradio Friedrichshafen in 2018. They have a SMA input and a WR42 waveguide output. I put here some screenshots of the input spectrum (Gigatronics 1026) and the output spectrum of each type, measured with an Anritsu MS710C, a high-quality WR42/SMA adapter and the help of the 7470 emulator of KE5FX. As power supply I used a Keithley 2231A-30-3. Voltages are partly written on the parts, partly I had to "guess" and look for some limits where it looks to work stable.

Here is some key data I was able to acquire:

...more to come!


Stay tuned ;-)