About me:

summer garden contestMy name is Wolfgang. I am a middle-aged guy, born in Austria, never shaved and work for the local university of applied sciences. Before that I worked for a large semiconductor company, until I decided to leave this part behind. My academic background is Communication Technology and Electronics. Of course I have a proper radio amateur license, hi.
I am happy about everything I can do by myself. And I am addicted to microwave radio... 

I spend a lot of my free time time together with my wife (OE8PZY) for dancing, golf, large scale fireworks (also with my wife, we both made a proper license for it), exotic beer tasting and maybe a little skiing. We are like to travel quite a bit across Europe. If some time is left, I use it for my electronics projects, restoring and replicating old computers, arcade machines (I have some at home as well) and not to forget amateur radio on the highest possible bands! For some time I also had a air glider license, but it expired as I couldn't find enough time for this really beautiful hobby, which can be quite risky without the proper routine and regular training. Thus, I switched over to motorcycles...

You can find me in Hübners "whoiswho" or on Linkedin. Contact me first (see below) and I tell you my nicknames and/or homepages on these sites.
You can use the (anonymous) contact form in the Impressum or write a mail to:
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( or use mail@{my_callsign}.at )
I am sorry that the https (SSL) support of the web site is broken. The "100% free forever" promise on sslforfree is not valid anymore.
They forward to ZeroSSL, which I could set up 90 day SSL keys for some time, up to the point where they do not allow to create free keys anymore for this domain.
And my webhoster hosteurope does not provide "Let's Encrypt" licenses at all and I didn't manage to find a way to generate the keys by any other means. 
We are living in a greedy world, I am afraid that sooner or later I have to close my web page... Cry

About my rigs:

Stationary: FT-450AT + EMCOM II (NVIS configuration) for the lower bands (SSB/PSK31/PSK63), FT-736R + 23cm module, IC-9700 with remote control.
Portable: 2x FT-817ND with transverters for all bands starting at 23cm up to millimeter waves (currently up to 122GHz - mainly with parts from DB6NT and DL2AM). Coming up soon: 134GHz and 241GHz.
1.2m Grid-Dish (rfHamDesign) for 23cm to 3cm, dedicated smaller (Procom 50/25cm) dishes above.
Mobile: FTM-400, several handheld transceivers for FM, C4FM and DMR.

About my lab:

Equipment for spectrum analysis up to ~122GHz from Anritsu (special thanks to OE2JOM and DL2AM for their support and experience sharing).
Equipment for spectrum analysis, phase noise measurements and power measurement up to ~122GHz from HP.
Equipment for SWR / S-parameter / network analysis (VNWA) up to 26.5GHz from HP.
Equipment for power and frequency analysis up to 26.5GHz from Anritsu and XL microwave.
Equipment for power analysis (waveguide) up to ~241GHz from Anritsu.
Equipment for frequency analysis up to 122GHz from HP.
Equipment for NF noise and gain analysis up to 18GHz from HP.
Calibrated measurement equipment and voltage supplies from Keithley.
Arbitrary function generator and 4ch DSO up to 250MHz BW from Pico Technology.
Digital analsysis tools e.g. 36ch LA and protocol analyser (for PCI, USB, ...) up to 500MHz from TechTools. I also had a ZEROPLUS LA which was quite a good hardware but I think quite unprofessional, outdated software.
Powerful Lab PC with GPIB and USB/Uart control for the equiment with fast 8-core Intel Processor, 32GB RAM, 8GB 3D-Video, and 512GB M.2 SSD (and of course Win7 Pro 64bit).
Software packages like Matlab/Simulink (noncommercial license), Target 3001 Economy (commercial license) and several microwave design tools (academic/educational or open source) like QUCS Studio as offered on the web site of DD6UM.
I bought quite some of my lab equipment at Rosenkranz Elektronik - I am very satisfied with this products, even if it costs a bit more than on some flea markets - they are properly tested by experts and do not cause me any troubles. If you are living close by and need some measurement done I'll be glad to help (if my time, YL and QRL allows).
Finally, I have an ESD protected workplace (ESD-conform chair, workbench, tools) and use manly wooden furniture to avoid too many reflections in the room. Although I made a reflective wall to do some basic Rx/Tx tests (of course only after initially checking my emissions are well within the allowed limits of power and especially frequency).

About my workshop:

Two-side developing and etching equipment (spray principle), UV light exposure unit from HW-Electronics, which offers good support and the equipment works very well.
I produce myself PCB using Rogers dual-sided, pre-coated RF laminates. I get proper films for PCB exposure (not just some overhead slides from a laser printer) from a local print company Kreiner Digital. I use rivets for through-hole contacts, although I could also galvanise them, this is way more work for prototypes only so I usually avoid that.
Soldering/repair station (soldering iron, air gun, SMD soldering tweezer, desoldering pump, IR pre-heater) from Ersa. No comparison to cheap equipment!
A small reflow oven from China (noname). Still optimizing, as the setup is a bit limited - but of course very cheap.
CNC portal milling machine with 1kW motor from Heiz/CNC-Step and Kress.
Estlcam CNC control (incl. controller hardware and manual control/joystick) from Christian Knüll. I used WinPCNC in the past, but I changed as I think they did not really arrive in the 21th century and are very complicated in their processes...
Manual lathe with several add-ons from Emco.
Manual micro-milling machine with additional add-ons from Proxxon (more a toy, but for low-accurate stuff ok).
And of course a Grinder, a drilling stand, etc. - the usual equipment.
Software packages for CNC construction I am actually converting to Freecad and Librecad. I used other tools in the past which are more professional, but were a bit outdated so I had to look for something more modern.

Impressions of my hobby:

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